Ill-health early retirement

What happens if I become unable to work?

If you become unable to work due to ill health or disability, you may be entitled to receive incapacity benefits, whatever your age, but only if the Trustee agrees. The Trustee decides who is eligible for incapacity benefits. In deciding whether you are eligible for incapacity benefits, the Trustee will need to determine whether you fulfill the definition of ‘incapacity’ set down by HM Revenue and Customs. Further the Trustee will need to determine whether your future earning capacity is seriously impaired as a result of your incapacity. In order to make these determinations the Trustee will require medical evidence.

Your incapacity pension will be your full pension built up to 30 September 2007 without a reduction for early payment. If you remained in Service beyond 30 September 2007 your pension built up to 30 September 2007 will be increased between 1 October 2007 and the date you left Service. 

As you will have already left service your pension will be subject to statutory increases for the period between your leaving Service and the date you take your pension.

The Trustee reviews incapacity pensions from time-to-time. The Trustee may ask for additional medical evidence and can increase or decrease the amount of pension or cease pension payments until age 60 if the directors of the Trustee are not satisfied that you continue to fulfill the definition of ‘incapacity’.